Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Oh my goodness! Was September really my last blog post! It has been a crazy couple of months and I haven't even been able to read the blogs I follow let alone write my own or do much sewing. Hopefully things will be calmer over the next few weeks and I will at least have some me-mades to show you!

  On Saturday I met up with some fellow sewist's/bloggers in Brighton. We are all members of an instagram group named the Sewbee's. It was so great to meet up with and chat to fellow sewing enthusiasts! We met at Ditto Fabrics where Gill talked us through some of the different fabrics and how to distinguish their quality. It really is a fabric treasure trove - I really struggled to cut down my fabric choice to an amount I could afford!!

I must thank Clarindakaleidoscope for the photos as mine were not good at all!

  We all have different tastes of patterns and fabrics but that didn't seem to matter as we admired each other's potential purchases and chatted about general sewing stuff!

 I had made a list of the fabric's I needed and managed (just) to stick to it!)

  After shopping we had lunch at a nearby Cafe and chatted (some more!) then took a walk to the Eternal maker where I added two glittery exposed zippers to my purchases!! After this we were all exhausted so made our ways back home. It was great fun and we hope to arrange another meeting in the spring. 

  I have started a group called South coast sewists on The foldline Just really to try to keep in touch with fellow sewists in my area and hopefully attend more meet ups!!



  1. It was a lovely day and I am looking forward to your backlog! The second place we went wasn't The Eternal Maker - did you sneak in a cheeky glass or two of wine with your lunch?!

  2. Oh no! Where was it? I
    My soup must have been spiked.......

  3. Hey, just spotted this post. Nice one. Nice memories of our visit to Ditto. Hope we can do again some time.