Saturday, 27 February 2016

True Bias Mini Hudson Pants OR 'How cute is this pattern'!!

My 'models' had just finished watching Kung Fu Panda (one of my personal favorites!) Hence the 'expressions' (especially of the smaller of the two!).

This is the Mini Hudson pant pattern from True Bias there really isn't much to say about it other than it is a great pattern with wonderful instructions and is a joy to sew!

For my first makes I decided to stash bust so these are made up in just jersey fabric - perhaps the fabric is a little lighter than intended but I think these will make good trousers for warmer weather. I made them up simultaneously and really enjoyed the sew - wondering if I should purchase the grown up sized pattern for me.

My littlest boy is a bit of a squirt and I made a size 5 for him - fits perfectly I think.

My bigger boy is not big for his age either so I sewed up a size 7 - I think he could have done with an 8 as it is a little tight around the calves.

He totally loves them though and says they are very comfie!!

Boys are much harder to get to 'pose' than girls - they just wanted to be taking the photos rather than being in them!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with plenty of sewing (or dreaming of sewing!). I am soooooo exited as I am off the the knitting and stitching show next weekend with some blogging buddies! - It is a little present to myself for having to work so hard over the past few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by!

Su xx

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valentine Appleton dress with a cherry on top!

I didn't realize until I was cutting out that there are tiny hearts (green and red) on some of the cherries - you can just about see them on this picture.  It will be perfect to wear on valentines day!

I went for a contrast neck band and waist ties - it does accentuate my 'curves' somewhat and I'm still deciding weather this is a good thing or not!

Unfortunately I sewed on the neckband on Saturday evening and obviously wasn't paying attention - I got my left and right mixed up and managed to sew the neckband on the wrong way! I thought  might get away with it but it does gape a little so I think I will have to unpick it. I just hope that it hasn't stretched too much as I am out of the plain navy fabric!

My youngest thought trying to photo bomb the pictures after I pressed the remote was the best fun ever - So I didn't have many photos without him (or part of him) in them!

My next project will be the Roberts collection dungarees - this is a bit experimental as I am not sure it will suit me but I have seen so many lovely versions in the interweb I just have to give it a go!

I have bought this gorgeous black denim with a red underside - perfect for turn-ups!!

This will be a slow make for me as I haven't made anything like this before, I also have a busy few weeks coming up so not much sewing time.

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Su xx