Friday, 8 April 2016

A couple of Julia cardigans (Welcome to the mouse house creations)

These two Julia cardigans have been in constant rotation since I made them. I had been looking for a pattern to replace a much loved old RTW cardigan and this pattern is so perfect for me. I never wear cardigans done up and prefer a loose but not over loose fit.

  Construction was very simple - for both of mine I chose the double collar version as I wanted a slightly stiffer collar to have a slight jacket feel to it and also because the inside was neater. I made both of these entirely on my overlocker (a big step for me!!).

They are just perfect for layering.

I love a longer arm but these are a little long even for me!

  Thanks for stopping by!

        Su xx


  1. Great cardigans. I love the shape. Going to follow the link!

  2. Like the modern shape of these cardigans - they look good. I hate a frumpy cardi. What is the brand of your overlocker? My threads keep coming out and it is so annoying!

    1. Hi! I really love this pattern and can strongly recommend it! I have a Brother 3034D overlocker, I have had it a few months and so far I can recommend it!