Sunday, 19 July 2015

A couple of Lou Lou's!

So a few weeks ago English Girl At home launched her new pattern the Lou Lou dress. As soon as I saw it I knew I had the perfect cotton crinkle look broderie anglais in my stash to use with a contrasting lining. Imagine my excitement when she ran a competition for the pattern, and imagine even greater excitement when I won a copy!!!! There are three versions included in the pattern and even the pattern illustrations are wonderful!

  The pattern is actually made for really drapey fabrics, but I'm just not a really drapey fabric type of person so I just kept my fingers crossed that my fabric choice would work. I found a wonderful midnight blue muslin to use as my contrasting lining and decided to go for view A (the one without the pleat). The pattern has no darts, zips, or fastening and so is made to be loose fitting - not for everyone perhaps but I really like this kind of look. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow with fantastic illustrations. I had not made a fully lined dress before and had not used this method for finishing the shoulders, but was able to understand what I had to do with no problem. It is a really quick make and the finish is nice and neat. My only gripe would be the lack of pockets - I feel lost without pockets!
   I rushed to finish making the dress while my parents in law were visiting so that we could take photos at some lavender fields we had planned to visit - sadly it was wet, cold and windy - no way was I taking my coat off!!!!

 Finally today the weather was good, I was not working and we had a little time to take some piccies!

  I know that perhaps my fabric choice and colour might not be to everyone's taste but I love this dress! I have worn it on several days and it is very comfortable but I think looks like I have made a bit of an effort without being too dressy. I can see how you could make it really special with the right fabric.

  I had a small amount of fabric left over and decided to make a top. It is a little shorter than I would normally wear but I actually like the sightly cropped boxy look worn with cropped skinny jeans - perfect for work!

The lining peeks out a tiny bit but you can't really see it with the dark trousers.

  It seems like everyone has broken up from school - we have three more LONG days before my little people finish for the year! I am crazy buzy with work and have a holiday to get ready for so its gonna be busy! I get my overlocker back on Wednesday so hopefully I can squeeze in a teeny bit of sewing.......

     Thanks for stopping by!

               Su xx


  1. These are lovely, especially the dress. , I Love the band at the bottom, really unusual feature. Not heard of this pattern before so going to follow your links to find out more. Great work, you'll wear this lots over the summer. we have two more days of school left, the kids are almost federal now desperate for the holidays!

    1. Yes we are all desperate for the holidays too!! Can't wait!!!!

  2. This looks great, Su! The eyelet fabric with the contrast lining peeking out is a cute idea.From the photo it looks like you just used the navy lining and just extended the length so that becomes the "contrast hem" at the bottom. Is that right? I won this pattern too and would like to try it out soon.

    Have fun over the summer. Hope your workload calms down a bit!

    1. So do I this week has just been crazy - I run my own business so it's good to be busy but I want to be able to enjoy my holiday too!!

  3. I works really well as a top. I think it looks great. Jo x

  4. Love it! That broderie anglais looks lovely, especially with the contrast lining. Thanks so much for trying out the pattern.