Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bloggers block and me made May makes (try saying that quickly!)

Hello! I have had a touch of Bloggers block recently - I have been panic sewing due to my me made May pledge but I just didn't feel like blogging about my makes until now - and I have about three blog post's worth of material to write about!

I have decided to post a daily picture on instagram but I won't repeat everything on the blog unless it is something new that I have made.

 My pledge was to wear something me made every day in May - Now I do like a challenge but I hadn't really thought about it and soon realized that I would be running out of suitable work clothes  around the 3rd of May (sooner if the weather wasn't great - which it wasn't)! Time to get sewing!

I decided that some short sleeved t-shirts and a pair of trousers would fit the bill!

1) Lace edged Plantain (free deer and doe pattern):

  I LOVE the plantain pattern - it fits in all the right places and skims over all the bits you want it to skim over. It is so simple and easy to make - I love my plantains more than most of my RTW t-shirts. The fabric is a beige cotton jersey I bought on sale from Minerva fabrics - it is really good quality and while it is not a colour I would usually wear I am glad I bought 4 meters of it! I edged the t-shirt with some vintage lace (from my grandma-in-law in the USA) as I didn't want a run of the mill plain t-shirt. The lace has made the hem a little stiff but I think (hope) that will loosen with washing. I really love this top!

2) Colour blocked thrifted plantain:

   This plantain is made from a man's t-shirt I bought in a sale and an old grey jersey skirt that I never wore. It is so lovely and soft as well as light, I am not 100% sure about the pocket but it is very wearable. I used my twin needle and contrasting grey thread for hemming. I do love making things out of unused/ thrifted items - it is probably my favorite type of sewing!

3) Sleeveless stripey Grainline Hemlock:

  Another free pattern - the Hemlock is a loose fitting t-shirt which is supposed to have 3/4 length sleeves - I saw some lovely sleeveless versions on the internet and I only had enough fabric left over from my weekend Doris dress for a sleeveless one so it was like it was meant to be! It is very comfie but I just feel a bit manly in it! I distressed the collar but because of the stripes you don't really notice it unless up close.

4) Colette Clover capri trousers:

  I have made two pairs of trousers (both clovers) and I hate making trousers - there I said it - a confession!! I think it is all the basting, re-basting, then sewing, then realizing that they still don't fit very well!!!!!!!! I suspect that it is partly down to my choice of stretch fabrics and my desire for very slim fitting trousers that make it so difficult! These are made from a (expensive!) grey cotton twill - very boring but another thing I have realized is that I need more solid colours in my me made wardrobe.

I have not shown a photo of the back as they are 'snug' (I will be taking an extra pair of trousers with me when I first wear them just in case!)

I just love pockets!

    Well that is all my initial me made May makes! I hope everyone else is having a good me made May? I have seen some wonderful and inspiring makes on instagram and the blogosphere. I know everyone says it but I am learning so much about my wardrobe, tastes, needs etc I have never taken part in anything like this before and so far I have really been enjoying the experience. 

  Thanks for stopping by!

         Su xx


  1. Hi Su. It's nice to see your Me-Made-May garments! I have not really ventured into the knits sewing arena. I have those t-shirt patterns on my to-sew list! I agree, pants are harder to sew, especially when you want a slimmer leg. I made one pair of cropped summer pants - loose, loved it and wanted to try a narrower leg. It doesn't fit as well!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw, and leaving me comments! It's nice to know others are starting to read my blog. I need to get on IG!

    Have fun with the rest of May me-mades!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I love - you have such an amazing taste in both fabric and patterns! I am quite new to instagram but I would recommend it - it is fun seeing what everyone is up to! My overlocker (serger) and I are not currently on speaking terms so all of the above knit makes are made on a normal sewing machine - so long as you use a ball point needle and a zig zag stitch (I would also recommend a twin needle for finishing) it is fine. I think my next trousers will be looser fitting!!!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! I just love that lace hem t-shirt. Something you wouldn't necessarily see in the shops. I am loving #mmm15 it is so inspiring. Why have you fallen out with your over locker? I have a BIG birthday later this year and was thinking of asking for one as my pressie. Would you not recommend? Like you I have been sewing knits on regular machine.

    1. Ooooh 21? My overlocker was bought on gumtree, i had no instructions for it and since i bought it i have spent more money repairing it than i did buying it! When it works i LOVE it! If i had the chance of getting a new or reconditioned one i would go for it! Honestly you won't look back!