Saturday, 31 August 2019

A couple of Moji's

  I first made a pair of Seamwork Moji trousers ages ago when the pattern was first released. They fitted me really well and I always planned to make more but just didn't ever get around to it (like so many things!)

  Finally this summer I made not just one but two pairs!

I have had this blue cotton in my stash for ages and rediscovered it whilst searching for the perfect Moji fabric.

I did make a few changes to the pattern:

I didn't use a drawstring tie and just used elastic for the waist as a) it is more comfortable and b) I don't wear tops tucked in so no one is ever going to see the waist detail anyway!

 This was very difficult (impossible) to photograph but I pushed most of the waist gathering to the back of the trousers leaving the front relatively flat - more room behind and more flattering at the front!

  Again very difficult to photograph but I sewed a line of stitching at both side seams of the waistband for two reasons a) to keep the majority of the gathering at the waist to the back of the trousers and b) it is a useful trick to stop the waist elastic getting twisted.

  I fancied having elastic at the ankles (on the left) but after an Instagram survey I opted for plain old non elasticated (on the right). I think they would have worked well but I would have needed to add an inch or two on to the trouser length to get the look right.

  I am very pleased with the outcome and have been wearing them lots over the summer - super comfie!

  I wanted to make a plain pair too so used this black linen/cotton blend from Fabric Godmother. It is not a fine fabric but it is still light weight - I think I would describe it as 'rustic' - good for trousers, skirt, a dress, but too much for a top. 
I opted to go for elastic ankles on this pair so I added two inches to the leg length. I am not 100% sure about the look of them! Perhaps I will get used to what is for me a new look the more I wear them.

I have no idea why I am looking so grumpy in these photos!!

  I hope everyone has had an excellent summer!

  I always wondered what it would be like when my little people became not so little - What would we do? Would it still be fun? Would they even want to do stuff with me?  

  It is different and it is a learning process finding out what works for everyone and I don't always get it right but I think on the whole we have had a great few weeks! I would happily carry on for a few weeks more, but it is back to school for them and back to my normal working routine for me.

Anyway we are looking forward to the next holidays!!

Thanks for stopping by!

     Su xx

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  1. Mmmm! They look comfy. Good to get some useful sewing under your belt. Jo x