Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last makes of 2017

Well it's been a bit of a sparse blogging year for me! I have been busy with life and have not sewn as much as last year and blogged even less of what I have sewn. I have however been sewing slower and enjoying the little details rather than rushing everything through and I have challenged myself with a few of my makes.

  So before we say goodbye to 2017 I thought I had better squeeze in one last blog.

First up is V9136. My first coat! Wow what a learning curve!

  Even though the pattern says 'very easy' I didn't find it totally straight forward and the end product is not perfect. I did enjoy making it and certainly learnt a lot. One of the issues I had was finishing the seams. I had visions of beautifully bound inside seams and had bought some silky gold bias binding. Certain sections of the seams were so bulky I was unable to bind them or overlock them so I ended up trying to use the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine or hand sewing in places - it does the job but doesn't look pretty. If anyone has any tips they would be gratefully received! 
    The coat is supposed to be loose fitting but mine is definitely on the large side, if I were to make it again I would go down a size. With all that said I am still proud of making my first coat and I have been wearing it on non-rainy days - I especially like the large collar it is so cozy! Will I make another coat? - Yes definitely but probably not until next year!

I took these photos outside Kensington Palace - My mum, sister, daughter and I had a girly day out to see the Diana dress exhibition. They are amazing and well worth a visit.

The fabric is a wool and acrylic mix, nice and snuggly but not itchy at all.

As you can see I need to shorten the belt.

My very last project of 2017 was a Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dungaree dress. The fabric was bought months ago in a Miss Matabi sale (the postage cost was nearly as much as the fabric!) It is a gorgeous needle cord and I fell in love with the forest animal print.  I have made two previous Cleo's so the construction was straight forward and I managed to get it made in time for Christmas day at my parents (and have been wearing it nearly constantly since then).

The top I am wearing is a Plaintain made with sparkly gold jersey.

I didn't want the stress of pattern matching on the front so didn't put on any front pockets at all. I can't face making something without pockets so just added back hip pockets - I am pretty pleased with the pattern matching I achieved.

Anyway 'that's a wrap' as they say!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018!!

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  1. Happy New Year Su! You coat is a great start, they are tricky customers. I wear my cleo nearly all the time too. Jo xx