Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valentine Appleton dress with a cherry on top!

I didn't realize until I was cutting out that there are tiny hearts (green and red) on some of the cherries - you can just about see them on this picture.  It will be perfect to wear on valentines day!

I went for a contrast neck band and waist ties - it does accentuate my 'curves' somewhat and I'm still deciding weather this is a good thing or not!

Unfortunately I sewed on the neckband on Saturday evening and obviously wasn't paying attention - I got my left and right mixed up and managed to sew the neckband on the wrong way! I thought  might get away with it but it does gape a little so I think I will have to unpick it. I just hope that it hasn't stretched too much as I am out of the plain navy fabric!

My youngest thought trying to photo bomb the pictures after I pressed the remote was the best fun ever - So I didn't have many photos without him (or part of him) in them!

My next project will be the Roberts collection dungarees - this is a bit experimental as I am not sure it will suit me but I have seen so many lovely versions in the interweb I just have to give it a go!

I have bought this gorgeous black denim with a red underside - perfect for turn-ups!!

This will be a slow make for me as I haven't made anything like this before, I also have a busy few weeks coming up so not much sewing time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Su xx


  1. Cute Appleton. It's nice to get a Valentine's dress ready so early!

    The black denim with red underside is interesting. I've never seen anything like it. Have fun with the Dungarees. I have only made the dress version so far.

  2. Thank you, i loved your dungaree dress - i might have to make one too att some point!

  3. I think it looks curvilicious with the contrasting bands. Great sew. Jo x

  4. Ooooh I love your Appleton, maybe I will have to buy the pattern now!

    That denim is fab, can't wait to see it made up :)

  5. Totally gorgeous. Really looks good on you. Enjoy wearing it as you look fabulous in it.