Saturday, 14 February 2015

Up-cycled Pom Pom scarf!

  I love pom pom edged scarves like this one but they always seem so expensive in the shops and I have yet to discover one in our local charity shop.

 So I thought I might try to make one of my own. A while ago I found a hardly used Ikea single duvet set in a charity shop. The fabric was a nice open weave and I loved the scandi style pattern. It struck me that the two pillowcases opened up and sewn together with a pom pom trim added might make a great scarf!

I cut off the seams to open the pillowcases out and then attached the pom pom trim all around one pillow case edge:

 Then right sides together with the trim on the inside I stitched the two opened out pillowcases together on three sides and then turned them right side out. I probably should have hand sewn the last edge but I am lazy by nature so I just top-stitched it! The pom pom's made it slightly fiddly but nothing too tricky!

 I wasn't feeling very photogenic so I hung it on a bush to show the finished product! It really does look good when wrapped around my neck!

The cost of the whole duvet set was £3.50 so I estimate the pillowcases to be around £1 (I am planning a top or summer dress from the duvet cover!). I ended up needing nearly 5m of trim! This cost £1.20 per m so the total cost was around £7. To make it less expensive you could just use trim on each short edge, then it really would have been inexpensive!!

  During the process I dropped all my pins! It was easy to pick them up with my new magnetic pin dish, the pattern the pins made reminded me of all those science lessons using iron filings sprinkled around magnets so an impromptu discussion about magnetic fields with my biggest little person followed!


    Thanks for popping by!

              Su xx


  1. What a gorgeous scarf and an original too! I buy duvet covers during the summer car boot season, keeping my eye out for makes like Liberty, Laura Ashley and Dorma. I only pay £1 or £2 for metres of fabric, I'll have to run up a scarf now! I also loved your knicker, although I'm not sure that sounds right as a comment! Great blog and I'll be back soon x

    1. Thank you Josie! I do love lurking around in charity shops and car boot sales - you just never know what you might find!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I think it is just right for spring now we have some better weather!!