Monday, 6 April 2015

The saga of the colette clovers comes to an end.....

  In the dim and distant past the clover by colette pattern along with suitable material was one of the first patterns I bought (I also bought the moneta + material - which currently remains unmade!). I think it was my fear of sewing trousers that stopped me from having a go myself. I needed a project for last terms sewing group and thought that this one would be a good choice. I enjoy going to the sewing group and always learn lots, I come back all fired up and ready to sew more of my chosen project - but for some reason I never do any 'homework' and always work on other projects instead. I had a great deal of help with the fit and the finished garment is so far removed from the pattern I don't think I could make it again without fitting help. I basted, tried on, re-basted, and repeated the process so many times. The fabric has quite a bit of stretch and I wanted a close fit so I think that is why it ended up being taken in so much. 

    Due to my lack of work on the project at home I ended the term not even having attached the waistband and without the invisible zip inserted (which is the one stage I really knew I would need help with). I was determined to finish the trousers so armed with various you tube videos and web posts as well as a dressmaking book I embarked on my first invisible zip insertion. I think it would have been fairly simple if only my £6.99 invisible zipper foot had been even remotely functional!! - Lesson learnt - you get what you pay for (I have now ordered the proper invisible zipper foot for my machine). With many expletives, sweating brow and some hand sewing later I have inserted a functional zip - which sadly is a) not invisible and b) a bit bumpy! - mind you when I asked my daughter to get a shot of it she did say 'what zip?'! I guess the pattern of the trousers hides it a bit!
The fit is not perfect and I think think they could do with being a teensey bit shorter - but they are one of the most comfortable pairs of trousers I own!

And there are tiny pockets!

I do love a good pocket........

Photobombed by my youngest!!

  I think a cropped pair will soon be in order considering all of this sunshine we are having!!

  I hope everyone had a great Easter!

  Thanks for stopping by!

           Su xx


  1. I also bought Clover a while back and it remains unmade. The pockets are super cute. Goes perfectly with your Hasbeens - enjoy the rest of the Easter hols.

    1. There is just something about a contrast pocket that I love! I hope you also enjoy the rest of your holidays!!