Sunday, 26 April 2015

Doris does stripes.....

  BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday while at a children's party a mum (who didn't know sewing was my hobby) came up to me and said that I looked really nice and 'where did I get my dress?'

  Well you'll never guess which dress she meant! - I was only wearing my denim shift dress!

   I was totally proud of myself and then really embarrassed as everyone turned to look at me and my dress!! But still it put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day! I was glad she was impressed as I had made part of her daughters gift - just a little drawstring bag with girly things inside but you never know weather people will appreciate handmade gifts. Do you make gifts for people you don't know very well and if so what?

 It is May 1st on Friday and I have come to the realization that a MMM15 pledge of wearing one me made item each day may have been a little rash. If I was not working during May I think I would just about be OK. However I am of course working throughout May and my total me made spring/summer work wardrobe consists of 2.5 sorbettos (the 0.5 is my first ever garment, and is really only suitable for emergencies)!

  So what I should have done this weekend was made up a few tops that I could wear for work. However I saw on instagram that the weekend Doris dress by the Lazy seamstress (who seems anything but lazy if you ask me!) had 15% off the pattern and it's such a cute dress, and I had seen quite a few great versions, and you can never have enough jersey dresses can you??

  Doris is a 60's style knit dress with a decorative zip designed for double knit and ponte roma fabric, it is 3/4 sleeve and there is either a dress or sweater option. I wanted to make a summer Doris so I went for a drapey viscose jersey, made short sleeves and crossed my fingers! I am pleased with the outcome and can see how versatile this pattern is. I love the way the dress hangs loose over the tummy but still has a flattering shape to it. Of course I adore the pockets which hang down a little in the middle due to the loose drape of the fabric. The only thing I would change would be to widen/lower the neckline a little as this would suit my shape a little more. I can see me making quite a few Doris dresses in various fabrics for various seasons!

  The photos are not great as my daughter wasn't really in the mood and it started to rain! I tried to capture the 60's vibe and failed miserably!!

The back is a bit t-shirty - I left the zip out as I thought it would be too heavy for my light material.

Check out my amazing pattern matching!

Not so good this side!

  I had just enough fabric left over to squeeze out a short sleeved grainline hemlock - so at least I will have one t-shirt to wear to work in May! I did find the pattern matching very frustrating and will be avoiding stripes and other similarly tricky patterns from now on!! 

  Thanks for stopping by!

         Su xx


  1. This is nice. Looks good in a lighter fabric too. I have stripey top from M&S and they clearly haven't even tried to pattern match. But I bought it before I could sew and never noticed until I could sew! Good pattern choice- am off to google it!

  2. Thank you! Now i sew i often look at ready to wear clothes and think how shockingly they are made or appreciate how well they are made.

  3. You are so right - you can never have enough jersey knit dresses! Love the stripes on yours - yours looks similar to The Coco (Tilly's design). Please don't be put off by pattern matching as its worth it if you find the right pattern for you.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment!

    This is such a cute dress!

  5. I love your striped Doris, it's fabulous. Very impressive stripe matching. I hope you get to make more. x