Saturday, 18 April 2015


   Another garment I wanted to make when I first started sewing was a Japanese style pinafore to wear over a top and skinny jeans or leggings. When I was looking I just couldn't find the right pattern. Recently I stumbled across Sew me something - as well as fabrics and workshops they also produce some amazing patterns - the Beatrice pinafore is one of them and appears to be my perfect pinafore!

   There are three versions - Bias bound edges, hemmed, or lined. The pattern is produced on paper and comes in a card envelope with excellent instructions.

  Construction was straight forward and the instructions were very clear - a great project for a beginner. The fabric was a thick cotton from my stash - I think it is really meant for craft or perhaps even light upholstery but it has a rustic almost linen look to it which I love.

  My first overlaid seam - a bit wobbly but OK I think.

  I chose the bias bound version - I actually enjoy applying bias binding although I must admit after 7m I was glad to see the end!

  The pattern is supposed to be loose, but because my fabric had hardly any drape I looked like I was wearing a cardboard cut out!!!! I removed 1.5cm from each side seam (and probably could have removed a little more). I am hoping that the fabric will become softer with wear and washing.

Great for pottering about in!

I do love the cute little pockets!

Also loving the crossover back detail.

  I had been planning to wear this as a pinafore for everyday activities ie doing things with the kids, taking them to and from school etc but my daughter asked why I was wearing an apron today - so honest opinions please - can I wear this in public or is it really just an 'around the house' garment?

Me Made May 2015:

  I have only been blogging since late December so have never had a chance to take part in any of the previous me made may's - here is my pledge for this year:

 'I, Sewingsu of Butterflies and lemon drops, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavor to wear one handmade by me item each day for the duration of May 2015'

 Is anyone else taking part?

  I have the end of Easter Holiday blues, and don't want to have to return to normal life again on Monday!!

     Thanks for stopping by!

                           Su xx


  1. I like this, the back has a 1940s vibe to it. Re: wearing it out, i feel with anything remotely unusual in design it is all down to the wearer. If you feel confident in it you will look great. But if you feel self conscious it never looks as good. I have clothes in my wardrobe that I really have to be in the right mood to wear. I think you look great in it, go for it.

  2. Wise words indeed! You are of course totally right - I have certain clothes for certain moods and I wouldn't wear them if I weren't in the right mood - I've never realized it before!

  3. I am a fan of the pinafore dress (having made the Abigail Dress), though yours is more of a Japanese style with the crossover back. I have seen this pattern before but wasn't sure whether to get it, I am still thinking about it. It is lovely and it suits you (I love the polka dots). I think it depends where you wear it. Personally I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it in a city or a big town but I would in a park, the countryside or in a village but that's just me. I cannot participate in Me Made May as I am unable to wear my sewn garments to work (I am a health worker) - shame!

  4. You could make the pledge to suit you ie pledge to wear one hand made garment at the weekend? I have a work uniform but it only consists of a tunic top which I can wear over my own clothes but it still means that I have limited options - I think I have really set myself up for a challenge this may!!