Sunday, 23 April 2017

My perfect top (x2) and simple sew pleated culottes (x1)

    We have been busy over the Easter holidays with visitors and day trips. The weather has been amazing, hardly a drop of rain and really quite warm for the time of year. I haven't had has as much time as I would like to sew and much of what little time I had was spent on some disastrous trousers now stuffed in a cupboard (one day when the pain has subsided I may blog about them). After the disastrous pair I was still determined to make trousers and thought something a little looser fitting may be just the thing. I always hated culottes as a child and vowed never to wear them again - however I have been seeing a few lovely pairs on the web/ in shops and thought I would give them another chance! I decided on this pattern (mainly because it had it in my stash as it was free with a magazine):

   They would have been straight forward if I hadn't sewn the pockets on the wrong way up (BOTH sides and TWICE!!!!!!!!), and bought the wrong type of zip - it all took much longer than it should have done but I am so pleased with the result! I used a gorgeous grey linen from my stash.

  They are perhaps the only item of clothing that I own which that I would actually wear a t-shirt tucked in! They are really comfie, although I think I may need some extra room behind (I must find out how to do a full butt adjustment for the next pair).

  I am pleased with my invisible zip - I found it odd that the instructions had you place the top of the zip half way down the waistband, I think it is supposed to be a design feature and actually I rather like it but i'm not sure if other people will look at it and think I just haven't finished them properly.

  I have been on the search for my perfect summer t-shirt that I can wear to work. I need it to be something high enough at the neckline for it not to be indecent when I am leaning forward but not too high as I hate things around by throat area. It needs to be loose enough to move around/lean over etc but I didn't want it to look like a sack! I love the boxy kimono sleeved tops that are around at the moment but wanted to find one that had bust darts to add some shape. Jo of Three stories high had made some lovely kids t-shirts from an old issue of Ottobre magazine, I asked her which issue it was and decided to buy a back copy of it, when ordering it, on a whim I decided to get the most recent women's issue too - and I am so glad I did!!  I love the style of the garments in the magazine generally but when I turned a page to find a kimono sleeved top with bust darts I was delighted.

  I have to say that tracing the pattern is very difficult (worse than Burda!). You have to add seem allowances which I did by sellotaping two pens together for a 1cm seem allowance. Construction was straight forwards, the pattern is very economical fabric wise and I used left over linen from my culottes to make the first top:

  I loved it so much I went straight ahead and made a second with some cotton I purchased at the knitting and stitching show:

The fabric was more of a quilting weight cotton so I think I will make another in a lighter tana lawn (perhaps a Liberty print I have been saving).

  I have a few busy work weeks ahead plus I need to make some alterations to a nightshirt I made my Dad for Christmas (said night shirt has been languishing on my sewing table and is impatiently giving me a hard stare whenever I am near!). Hopefully I will squeeze some selfish sewing in as well....

  Thanks for stopping by!

            Su xx


  1. Three great Makes Su, Those culottes are fab. And what a great top pattern, I can see you making loads of these!

  2. Love them all, especially the culottes. I have culotte envy now :)

  3. I love that lemon top Su so wearable for this summer. Jo x