Sunday, 27 September 2015

Greenwood's while the sun shines......

  I am loving this warm autumn weather! So much so that I was inspired to make some of the patterns I didn't find time for over the summer! Starting with the Greenwood tank. I wasn't sure it would suit my shape as I like things to be loose over my midrift, but sometimes you need something more fitted so I thought it was worth a go! I particularly liked the low back option and used it for both my makes.

Sorry for the terrible photos - I think I need to invest in a proper camera with timer/ remote rather than cajoling one of the little people into taking them!

  I really like this pattern, the instructions are wonderful, it's length is perfect, and it is a great scrap buster!! I am looking forward to making the Laurelhurst cardi and the Ballard top.

I love my lace edged plantain made out of the same fabric and wear it loads so I thought a tank version would be just the thing for warmer days!

I had a scrap of geometric cotton jersey left over from my coco, not enough for a sleeved top but just enough for a greenwood!!

Low back

  I have been so busy these past couple of weeks I have only managed to skim read a few sewing blogs - I really miss being able to sit down and have a good read!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

              Su xx


  1. Those look useful tops. I am still calling it late summer and I always say Autumn after the 1st October, it seems a shame to wish it away! especially with the sort of weather you can make sleeveless tops. Jo x

  2. We are having lovely weather these last few days so enjoy the sunshine. These are great, always good to have patterns that use up leftover fabric too. Not heard of this pattern so will have a look later. Hope you find a bit of time to relax soon.