Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Eyes in my back!

  I loved the Simple sew crossover back top (and slouchy jersey top!) included in the September issue of Love Sewing magazine . When I was at the Fabric Godmother open day last month I spied someone wearing a top made of this fabulous face fabric, it is really different to anything I would usually wear so I thought I would step outside my comfort zone and promptly bought enough to make the top.

  I knew I would have to lower the neckline as I can't stand high necklines pulling on my throat and the photo's in the magazine showed the neckline looking pretty high.

  Because I changed the neckline I used bias binding to finish the neck rather than facings.

  Unfortunately I didn't read the part of the instructions where it tells you that the pattern has zero ease!! Luckily I had made a big enough size that this was fine for the bodice but made things a little tight for the sleeves - I had to un-pick my sleeve seams and redo them with minimum seam allowance - again because I changed the pattern I used bias binding to finish the sleeve hems rather than facings.

  The other issue I had was that the pattern uses facings for the entire hem, even though I understitched it and tacked it at the side seams no way was it going to stay put, because of the fabric pattern I didn't really want to use any top-stitching so I totally cheated and used wonder web!!!!!

  The blouse has no shaping at all so on me it does look a bit boxy, but I think the fab pattern makes up for it! It will be a useful addition to my work wardrobe. I love the look of the slouchy jersey top too and will be making at least one of these - I just need to find the time first!!

I really do love the cross over back.

  I guess you have heard about the made up initiative to raise money for the National Literacy trust? I donated on the just giving page and pledged that I would make something outside my comfort zone. I had two ideas one was this faces blouse and the other was an Anderson blouse made from a super slinky fabric (I did start this one but have to admit to failing miserably and can't even face writing a blog post about it!!). As the remains of the Anderson have been packed away in the hope that I will be able to complete it once the memories of trying to sew with what seemed like air have faded this faces blouse will be my completed pledge. 

  My little people start school again tomorrow, the summer holidays always pass by far too quickly!

     Thanks for stopping by!

             Su xx


  1. A beautiful blouse. I would wear it everyday! Jo x

  2. AW too cute. Looks fabulous on you. Bet you get loads of compliments it really stands out. Sorry to hear about the other blouse, I have never been brave enough to even try slippery fabric.

    1. Thank you! - I am a bit scared to wear it as it is quite stand outy! The slippery fabric was totally awful - I will be having nightmares for weeks!!!!

  3. Nice save! I wish we could get that magazine over here in Canada. There's a lot more sewing community there (UK) than here, it seems.

    1. That is such a shame you can't get it in Canada - at least we all have online sewing communities where it doesn't matter which country you are from.