Thursday, 14 May 2015

Guerrilla sewing.........

My favorite type of sewing is turning something that no longer fits or is no longer worn into a usable garment - no patterns - no pressure - just fun!

  After my me made May work clothes sewing extravaganza I felt I needed something other than My denim shift and weekend Doris to wear on non-work days that were not warm enough for sleeveless tops or summer dresses. After seeing Just sew therapeutic's stripey boat neck plantain dress I really wanted to make one, but when I looked through my stash I didn't really have any suitable material, in my on line plantain dress research I had found this tutorial on the deer and doe blog. It made me wonder weather I could do something similar using a RTW top and some fabric left over from my floral ultimate cowl neck dress - It turns out I could and I rather like the result!

The RTW t-shirt has a distressed collar so I have left the sleeve edges and pocket edges raw hoping that they will curl up and look like I meant them to look that way - not like I just couldn't be bothered to finish them!!

Initially I was disappointed that I had made a mistake measuring the hem and made it a little too long for a tunic - as the day got hotter I took off my leggings and realized that the hem length was perfect for a dress!

The wisteria is just amazing at this time of year - out house is covered in it but all the flowers are high up so I could only get a few in for the picture!!

 Construction was easy - chop off RTW at the desired bodice and sleeve length, cut out rectangle of spare fabric at the desired width (for gathering) and length (I wanted more width to create a more gathered skirt but didn't have enough of the floral fabric). Add pockets if desired (of course you would want to add pockets!).  Sew side seams (or in this case center back seam) of skirt. Measure elastic at the same circumference as the chopped off bodice, stretch elastic while sewing to add it to the rectangle (sadly my elastic was a little old so the skirt is not as gathered as I would like). Hem and - Ta da!

  I add a little bird label to the inside of my me made clothes - this time I decided to add it to the outside at one of the pocket edges.

  This dress is sooooooooo comfie and I think looks OK? I suspect it will get lots of wear over the spring/ early summer and also on colder summer days (I imagine those will start just when the school holidays begin!!!!).

  Thanks for stopping by!

         Su xx


  1. That looks so cute, Su! Thanks for the links to the tutorials as well. i plan to get into sewing with knits this summer! Cute bird label - where did you get it?

    1. Thank you! The little label is cut from a grossgrain ribbon a bought, i just cut off two of the birds and fold the small piece of ribbon in half to make the label!

  2. I love that little birdy label too, particularly because it is on the outside of the garment. I think this looks great the skirt fabric is lovely.

    1. Thanks Louise! I love your recent shift dress The fabric is so pretty!

  3. Ooh cute - that is really creative. Definitely think better without leggings.

  4. Thank you! Lots of people have agreed much better without leggings!