Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bird obsession........

For this post I need to tell a little background story......

As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, they kept lots of animals including chickens - I just loved collecting the eggs, feeding them, changing their water, watching them scratch and peck around. I always knew I would want to keep hens as an adult and a few years ago we got 4 gorgeous birds, we built a large pen for them and I lovingly painted their hen house light blue and white. We thought that their environment was fox proof and we had never even seen a fox in our garden. One day I went down to feed them their breakfast and discovered a poultry version of a CSI massacre. Placing their dismembered body parts into black bags is something I will never forget and has scarred me for life, I really would love to have hens again but we have moved house and regularly see foxes in our garden, there is no way I could risk a repeat of the previous hen massacre.

  Almost in place of real hens I seem to have started a hen collection, I have ornaments, money boxes, door stops etc and this has turned into a collection of not just hen items but other birds too.

 As I had done a lot of sewing recently I felt like turning to crochet for a bit of a change and found this post by the amazing Attic 24 - so cute I just had to make it. I do struggle following crochet patterns so my tail is a little wonky (despite re-doing it twice!) but here is my version:

 I do love him and can see me making a few more friends for him!

It got me thinking and I decided to try to make some bird brooches. They were easy to do and nice to spend an evening crocheting and watching telly! They are basically a tear drop shape crocheted with eyes and wing stitched on, beak and wattle/comb crocheted on, backed by felt with a brooch pin sewn on - easy peasy! I really love the Magenta one and can see a few others in bright colours! 

The hen is not quite right - I think I need to do a bit more experimentation!

  I hope everyone is having a good week!

  Thanks for stopping by!

           Su xx


  1. Lovely story and adorable makes, such a perfect post!

  2. Somehow I missed this post! these are so fun. I somehow think the chicken needs feet! But guess that would look silly. These will look so fun pinned to your tops. Bet you get loads of nice comments when you wear them out.