Sunday, 13 December 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow..........Or 'A colorful winter Brumby'

I had been wanting to make a Brumby skirt for sometime - those pockets! Who wouldn't want to make it!! There are several length options and you can make it with or without pockets.

I use a gorgeous fabric from Ditto I can't see it on their online store, but perhaps they will get it back in again soon.  I have gained a lot of weight recently and had to make the largest size - I was surprised that the sizing didn't go any larger. I added an inch to the length so that I could wear it without tights/leggings in the spring. Half way through making it I panicked as I never wear anything tight around the waist due to my current size, I needn't have worried as it can be worn high waisted I think it just about looks OK. I was also worried about wearing a tighter top with it so made a plain black plantain but it actually looked better with the tighter top. 
Mid construction I was congratulating my self with a) how quickly it was coming together and b) what a good job I was doing - I went to sew the two front sections together and realized I had constructed two left sides!!!! After a few choice words and a cup of tea I set about unpicking one side, this has stretched the fabric a little and I now have one pocket that is a little smaller than the other but as they are so huge it doesn't really affect the skirt - phew!!

I bought this beautiful sparkly gold zip at the Sewbee's Brighton meet up and used it for my first ever exposed zipper - not a perfect execution but it will do! - As I was sewing it in place I thought it was like the gold at the end of the rainbow!

I think I should have used a stiffer interfacing or another stiffer fabric for the inside of the waistband as it get's a bit wrinkly.

In the end I wore it with ankle boots and a cardi for a Family Hanukkah party and felt very comfortable wearing it and not at all self conscious. 

I plan to make another one in a grey cord - when I have time.........

Thanks for stopping by!

         Su xx


  1. That's a lovely Brumby skirt, Su! You look lovely in it in all the photos. I've made one Brumby just to try sizing and you've reminded me I need to make another (sizing down). Hope you get a chance to make another one soon!

  2. So glad you squeezed the skirt out of the remnant. The fabric is beautiful and it suits the skirt really well. Those pockets are fab.

    1. Thanks! Yes I was surprised I managed to squeeze the whole skirt out of it!!

  3. Hi Su, have just nominated you for a Liebster Award - have a peep at my blog x

    1. Ooooh! How exciting! Thank you! Well done on yours! I will get going thinking about all the questions!!