Saturday, 14 March 2015

Crochet baby blanket number 1........

  I wanted to make a gift for the arrival of my friends baby, I don't think woolly cardi's are very practical for babies so thought I would go for a blanket. I didn't want anything too traditional and started searching for something a little funki! I found this fantastic blanket by moogly

  I really thought it looked different and fun, plus it didn't seem too tricky!! I didn't know what flavour baby my friend was having and wanted to avoid all the usual pastel colours. I thought that if I just stuck to fairly bright colours it would be OK either way - luckily she had a boy as my blanket is defiantly more suited for a boy!! It was easy to make up but did take me a lot longer than I thought it would despite coming with me to all of the after school swimming and judo sessions for weeks! Here is my finished blanket:

I am really pleased with it - I just hope my friend likes it too!!

'Guess how much I love you' is one of our favorite stories (sometimes I even read it when the kids are not about! - it nearly always bring's a tear to my eye!). So of course I had to include it in the gift for my friend! 

  Thanks for stopping by!

                   Su xx


  1. What a fun blanket - your friend will love it. Well done you!

  2. Thanks! She did love it (phew!) I am nowbusy sewing for my daughters birthday this week!

  3. You can tell that an awful lot of work and love has gone into this. Lucky friend. I love the colours too, great choice.