Sunday, 8 February 2015

Knickers and up-cycling!

  In our house when the little people have something really cool to tell me they use the phrase 'Actually in real life mummy'.

  Well this week I actually in real life made actual real life knickers like the kind that you could actually in real life buy in an actual real life shop!!

  There seems to be a bit of a knicker making frenzy going on in the sewing blogosphere at the moment I was inspired by the knickers made by justsewtherapeuticLazy Daizy Jones, and Clarinda Kaleidoscope

  I bought this kit and some extra elastic on-line:

I panicked at the instructions, had a cup of tea, re-read them and got going!

It really was very simple, quick and satisfying! 

 A few weeks ago I stumbled accross the my make do and mend year blog, Jen is running a me made wardrobe challenge (#mmaw2015), there is a facebook group and a pinterest board, and I thought it sounded like fun so I joined up too!

  Reading her blog got me thinking about up-cycling and refashioning clothes, my husband was about to throw out a shirt with a stain on it and as I was in a bit of a knicker making phase I thought I would up-cycle it!!

Ta da!!

 I'm not sure how economical it is to recycle in this way as fancy knicker elastic seems to be quite expensive (if anyone finds a good quality but inexpensive supplier please do let me know!) and the result is wearable but as my husband pointed out not very sexy. I think the Seamwork Geneva Knickers could look a bit less like granny pants and I could see how you could reuse old t-shirts but add in some stretch lace/elastic........

  I'm certain that most of my neighbors already think I am bonkers so seeing me out in the garden hanging knickers from a bush and taking photos of them on a cold Sunday morning probably came as no surprise!

  Thanks for popping by!

                    Su xx


  1. I've had the same thoughts about remaking clothes into underwear, it seems a good idea but the cost of the elastic is more than I pay on new underwear! Still, I've had fun working out how to do it and saving some much loved clothing for another day. Someone recently posted a link to this site, I haven't tried it yet, but the prices look competative

    1. Yes I agree not cost effective but still fun! I loved your up-cycled knickers and men's trunks (feels very strange saying that to someone!!) - I haven't tackled men's undies yet!!

  2. I made this kit too they are brilliant. I have enjoyed looking around your blog and have use bloglovin to follow today. We are so similar!! Jo x

    1. Thank you Jo! I have loved following you - and love all the things you make - as you say we have similar tastes!!