Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Back to school and a Seamwork Oslo

So school has begun again and we are getting back into the routine of things. I always look forward to every holiday and dread the beginning of each school term, I both love and hate that my little people are growing up and I really do miss spending time with them.

  On the plus side the dog and I get to walk through the woods on the way home from dropping the little ones off at their schools, which is always lovely!


  There are even a few signs of spring:
Now onto the more important subject of sewing: Over the Christmas break I was working on the Seamwork Oslo Cardigan . When I initially saw the pattern I knew it was just my sort of thing - snuggly and loose fitting. I wanted a knitted fabric and really struggled to find one, eventually I chose this lovely light knit from plush addict.
  Now I have never sewn with this type of fabric before which is probably the first thing that went wrong. The second thing is that I have a love  hate relationship with my serger - I bought it second hand and have spent more money on having it serviced and repaired than I spent buying it originally. In fact I think it has only managed to see one project through from beginning to end! The third thing was that as I love loose fitting garments I made it in a size bigger than it should be so it is huge!
    The Instructions were easy to follow (I did struggle with the cuffs a little -  but this was more my problem rather than the instructions). Putting in the clear elastic for the shoulder seams was tricky and not at all neat, but I think the effort would have been worth it (if only the rest of the make had gone as planned!). There is an option to add buttons which also looks good, but I never wear my cardigans buttoned up so I decided not to add any.
  As I couldn't get my serger working I had to learn how to use the overlock setting on my sewing machine so at least I learnt from the experience!

  Here is the finished result - please excuse my awful selfies in the only mirror in the house that you can see your whole body in (I think I need to invest in a remote for the camera, as well as clean the mirror! - oops!!) The photo's give it a bit of an orange hue, it is more of a pinky colour in real life. Given all that went wrong if I had stuck to the right size I think it would be more wearable - as it is I feel like I am wearing a dressing gown.

  I really am disappointed as the fabric was so soft and pretty and I feel it has been a bit of a waste - still I have learnt new things and as the saying goes 'onwards and upwards' (hopefully)
      Thanks for dropping by!
            Su xx

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